Recent & recommended.

A few things we have enjoyed recently.

 To read.

The Upstairs Delicatessan –  an exploration of eating, reading, reading about eating & eating whilst reading. Madly enjoyable.

A survey on Menu trends: nicely put together snapshot of the times.

Tools Magazine: product design, materials, niche explorations.

Zone of Interest: the inspiration behind Jonathan Glazer's new film. Dark.

The weird secretive world of crisp flavours. Essential


 To Watch.

Anatomy of a Fall – Sandra Müller owns this film, a dissection of an accident/murder & the relationships attached to it.

Scrapper – a super endearing British film with a cracking performance from 12 year old Lola Campbell.

All of Us Strangers – if you have lost someone, or ever had to come out, then this may be triggering. Melancholic nostalgia, sadness tainted with a bit of happy.

Drag Race UK Season 5 – the sharpest bunch of Queens, hilarious escapism & killer eye make up. The new US season has a lot to beat..

Keith Haring Street Art Boy – a comprehensive look at the life and career of Keith Haring.

Valentino SS 24 Couture – because the colours are always incredible.