“More than kisses, letters mingle souls.” 
― John Donne
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12 Letterpress Postcards
12 x Sigrid Calon Notecards
6 Washer Envelopes
6 Washer Envelopes
From £7.50
Airmail Block (1970s)
Airmail Clasp Envelope (1970s)
Airmail Packet
Airmail Pad
Airmail Pad
Bank Paper Mail Supplies
Bloco Etiqueta
Bloco Etiqueta
British Telegram Set
Confidential Envelope (1970s)
From the desk of.. rubber stamp
Gift Voucher
Gift Voucher
From £10.00
Gummed Labels (x5)
Heart Bubble Wrap (1 meter)
Inter Department Envelope (x5)
Large String Washer Envelope
Lettermate Writing Guide
Letterpress Book of Labels
Mail Box Graph Envelopes (x20)
Metal Flap Envelopes
Office Multi-stamp (1960s)
Sold Out
Olivetti Typewriter Pattern Notecards
Primary Letter Set
Ruler Labels
Ruler Labels
Tonal Envelope Set
V Mail Telegrams (1940s)
Window Envelopes
Window Envelopes
From £8.50