'Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.'
– Vincent Van Gogh
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10 x Tickets
10 x Tickets
1970s Graph Paper Roll
Adhesive Labels (x5)
Airline Stamp Block
Airmail Labels x 100 (1960s)
Airmail Packet
Animal Stamp Block. 1967
Arrow/Lined Tags (x10)
Bauhaus Stamp Set
Bulgarian Childrens Stamps (1962)
Bulgarian Folk Stamps 1964
Bulgarian Hotel Set (1972)
Bulgarian Hotel Stamps (1980)
Carnet De Traites Invoices
Cyrillic Font Samplers (x5)
Earth Sciences Stamp Block (1972)
Eyelet Envelope
Felt Shapes
Felt Shapes
Flash Cards (x6)
French Drawing Sheets
Sold Out
French Ticket Books
Sold Out
German Bacon Paper (1970s)
Graph Paper Pack
Graph Tape
Graph Tape
Gridded Envelopes
Gummed Label Sheet
Handwriting Sticker Strips
Hello My Name Is Sticker
Hobby Stamp Set (1964)
Inter Department Envelope (x5)
Label Bags
Label Bags
From £3.75
Large String Washer Envelope
Letterpress Book of Labels
Library Card & Pocket
Love Stamp Block
Masking Tape
Masking Tape

56 results

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