'Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.'
– Vincent Van Gogh
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Hello My Name Is Sticker
Hobby Stamp Set (1964)
Hold/Sold Tag (x5)
Ice Cream Coaster (1970s) x 5
Inter Department Envelope (x5)
Label Bags
Label Bags
From £3.75
Large String Washer Envelope
Letterpress Book of Labels
Library Card & Pocket
Love Stamp Block
Masking Tape
Masking Tape
Metal Flap Envelopes
Metal Rimmed Tags (x10)
Munich Olympic Stamps 1972
Notarial Seals (x5)
Notebook Paper Bags (x5)
Occasion Folding Tag (x2)
Overprinting Guide (1940)
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P&C Paper Bag
P&C Paper Bag
Pen/Pencil Stickers (1991)
Play Stamp Set (1989)
Polish Space Stamps
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Punch Cards (x5)
Red Riding Hood Stamp Set (1960)
Russian Matchbox Label Set
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Security Pattern Paper Bags
Shape Set (1960s)
Shipping Tags
Shipping Tags
From £0.30
Sleeping Beauty Stamp set (1960)
Snow White Stamp Set (1960)
Spots & Stripes Cards (1958)
Spring Stamp Set (1971)
Targets (x5)
Targets (x5)
Teaching Clock (1970s)
Tech Clip Art (x10)
Tile Catalogue (1940s)
Sold Out

74 results